Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 3 and 4

So I already missed a day. Oops! But don't think that I wasn't thankful all day for Day #3!! On the third, I am thankful for my youngest Samuel. He is 2 months old already! I'm thankful that he is here and completes our family. He is such an easy baby. He rarely cries, and mostly sleeps. When he's awake he's cooing and smiling. He is such a handsome boy! Samuel is a true blessing and shows God's love and creation to me everyday. My favorite thing about Samuel is that he loves to cuddle and sleep on me. Paige and Eli never really did that. I finally got my cuddly baby! :)

For Day 4, I'm thankful for the little outing I got with Paige. She's been a little needy lately, especially since Daddy went back to work. We decided she needed some alone time with one of us, and she chose to go to the shoe store with me over Home Depot with Dad (that's my girl!). We went to Payless, just us two, and she was allowed to pick out some new shoes all by herself. She chose some glittery pink sneakers with blinking stars! They are flashy and so much fun! She was giggling the whole way home. I'm so thankful that we both got a little break, and finding joy in Paige's joy.