Saturday, March 27, 2010

Huge progress

Eli is proving to be a Wedehase child, following in Paige's footsteps. When they decide they want to do something, they do it 110%. Ever since Eli's pacer was installed, we've noticed a huge improvement in his energy levels, which has helped in his development. He is getting stronger, almost enough to sit up on his own. He is balancing and correcting himself, reaching for toys, and pulling himself up from leaning back against something. He'll be up on his own in no time.
His verbal communication is getting so much better too. He was so quiet and stoic for so long, we were getting concerned of possible cognitive delays because he just wasn't picking it up. Lately, he's been babbling a ton more. He says ba-ba, and just yesterday began saying da-da-da very clearly. It's very much music to our ears. He is also showing us that he understands what we are saying. If we ask him a question, he'll often shake his head no as a response. Often we do it to be silly, but he seems to be getting it.
Eli is also showing more interest in foods. He sits with us in his highchair while we eat our meals, and he is constantly watching us eat, and even smacking his lips. Most of his feeds are still through the g-tube, but he is getting one chance at the bottle a day. Lately he has also been getting one serving of beginning foods. We started with rice cereal, then sweet potatoes. We'll eventually add in bananas and other foods to vary his diet. He takes in 10 or so bites before he's had enough, then the rest goes into his g-tube. The biggest thing for Eli is that he doesn't get a food aversion, so we are encouraged he is taking anything by mouth.

Eli saw his cardiologist this week. It's the first office visit since his pacer was installed. Dr. Heragu was pleased with his growth and development. He didn't make any changes to his medications or diet, since everything is working well as is. We also discussed when to do the next Cath Lab. Eli's allergies have been making him slightly congested in the nose, so Dr. Heragu was hesitant to test him with even the slightest congestion. Eli just started taking Claritin again, so we are hoping it'll clear up his nose. Since we are looking at his lung pressures, any little thing can affect the numbers. Dr. Heragu wants to see us again in 6 weeks, and we'll probably set up a Cath Lab sometime after that.

We are giddy little parents here. These big strides are so encouraging for us.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

After His Bath

Here's one for the grandparents. Eli after his bath, au naturale. No wires, no tubes. Just one cute, happy, little growing boy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

March videos

Here are a couple videos from this week, at home. Eli loves to laugh, and Paige loves mommy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is in the air

It's March, already! The whole family spent the weekend outdoors getting ready for everything to come back from its winter sleep. Pulling weeds, trimming trees, mowing the lawn, fertilizing everything, and even starting the vegetable garden because Lowe's already had stuff in stock. It might be a little early, but we're so anxious for spring, we planted them anyway. Tomatoes and artichokes, so far. There's still room for zucchini and one more vegetable, unless we don't do the giant pumpkins this year... then we'll have lots of space!

We almost forgot to bring out the camera, so there aren't a lot of pictures. But here's our Super #1 Helper, Paige, helping to clean up the weeds. She loves to help!