Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Fun

Since becoming nearly complete shut-ins, family outings are challenging. No, they are nearly impossible. We always have to look for ways to take the family out to experience the world, yet be safe from illnesses around us.

This past weekend presented us with one of those rare opportunities where getting out and keeping safe were both possible. ClovisFest begins their days with a hot air balloon launch early each morning. So Sunday morning, we gathered up the kids at 5:30 and headed up to Clovis to see the launch.

We watched the sunrise over the mountains as we drove up. Paige found that really fascinating. Here we are all bundled up waiting for the balloons to inflate.

It was fun to teach Paige how the balloons worked. She loved to see the fire go into the balloons.

Eli sat and watched quietly, yet completely engaged He was fascinated with the balloons.

We had a great time watching the balloons! Someday, I'd love to go for a ride in one.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome Samuel Joseph!

You're sure to have noticed the complete lack of updates over the last few weeks. Life has been extremely busy, and keeping everyone updated has taken a back seat to other priorities. So... the most important news of the last few weeks:

Samuel Joseph was born on Friday, September 3, 2010 at 8:42am. He weighed in at 8lbs and 10oz and measured 20" long.

Wednesday afternoon, Tanya had her weekly pregnancy checkup and was told by her doctor "You're not making it through the weekend. And this baby's going to come quickly, so don't hesitate to come at the first sign of regular contractions."

Thursday evening, Tanya knew it was time. We've struggled with a middle name for a boy. Here, at the 11th hour, we still hadn't decided on one. Tanya had the kids packed up in the car, headed to a friend's house where they'd be staying the night. Along the way, she asks Paige "What do you think we should name the baby if it's Samuel?"

"Samuel Joe," says Paige.

Tanya told me, and we laughed at Paige's humorous ways. She always makes us laugh. Then, for some reason, the name seemed to work. Tanya had just finished reading a study about Joseph's story in the Bible. It's a great story of of God's faithfulness and of redemption. Samuel Joseph. And
it stuck. If it was to be a boy, his name would be Samuel Joseph. And that's exactly what happened. Paige officially named her youngest brother.

Everything from there went relatively quickly. We checked in to the hospital around 11:00pm. She got her epidural around 3:30am, water broke a little after 7:00, and Samuel arrived at 8:42am after only a few minutes of pushing. Tanya's epidural wore off around 8:00, and it was too late to give her another dose. Poor Tanya... she gave birth to Samuel with no pain management! I'm completely amazed by how strong she is. After waiting the mandatory 12 hours for a hearing test and blood work for Samuel, we were on our way home the same day!

Here are the first few photos of the little guy. In the hospital, and at home.

Paige: 4 years, Eli: 18 months, Samuel: 34 hours

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mic Check

Thump, thump, thump.

{the squealing sound of feedback}

Is this thing on?

... more to come. Thanks for listening.