Monday, September 29, 2008

"Jesus Make Better"

Paige has been suffering from a pretty severe diaper rash the past few days. It would begin to clear, but then suddenly flare up again. I think we finally have it under control, but for the past few days we've had some battles while changing her diaper. The poor girl was in so much pain.

Last night, I was praying with her before she went to bed. Part of my prayer to Jesus was to "make Paige's bottom feel better and take her rash away." After the prayer, Paige pointed over to her changing table and said, "Momma, medicine make bottom better," referring to her diaper rash creme. I told her that Jesus will heal her bottom even better and faster than the medicine can, and that's why we ask Him to make it better.

Tonight, Paige said something that sounded like it came from the mouth of a religious fanatic. Jason was changing Paige's diaper. As he brought out the diaper rash creme and showed it to Paige, she said "No medicine. Jesus make better."

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Belly Brace

For all those past preggos:

I'm looking for a belly brace for support. When I was pregnant with Paige I pulled a groin muscle and it irritated me through out the entire pregnancy. Just like the doctor had told me, it didn't heal until after she was born.
Now that I finally have a belly hanging, the same muscles are starting to bother me again. My doctor recommended that I get one of those maternity support braces.
So, my first thought was to see if anyone had one that I could borrow for the next 5 months. Do you have one? If not, I will break down and get one myself, I guess! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HUGE Praise!

For the past 4 years, our only vehicle has been our Toyota Tundra truck. It has worked very well for our one kid family. Since we are adding another kid, we really needed to look for a car. 2 car seats don't work too well in a truck.
Problem: It's not really a truck buying market out there. We were really worried that we weren't going to be able to sell the truck for a decent price. Since we still owe on the truck, this was going to create a big problem on the purchase of a new car. We couldn't even look for new cars until the truck was gone.
We decided to list the truck now, in case it sat for some time. We checked the Blue Book and then also several different sites around to see what people are asking for their 2002 Tundras. BB says we should get about 8,000. We couldn't find anything on the internet for LESS than 10,000. We listed the truck Saturday morning on Craig's List for just under 10,000. Monday morning we get a call and essentially a cash offer over the phone, sight unseen. The guy is here by 11, the truck gone at noon! Praise God! We even got our asking price (ABOVE BB!!)
Uh we don't have a car! ;) No worries, we went up to Fresno and found a great deal for ourselves. We are now the happy owners of a 2006 Honda Accord. What other color for the Wedehase's, but dark silver (the color of the past 3 cars we've owned!)
Our family is just praising God because we got a great price for our truck, it sold SO quickly, and we were able to replace it with a great, reliable, affordable, family car! HOORAY!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Passed out

Another first for Paige:

Tuesday late morning Paige was playing in her room by herself. Since she was content, I went into the office to complete some Arbonne work. After 15 or so minutes, I noticed it was very quiet in Paige's room. No noises from toys, she wasn't talking, nothing! Generally this means she is getting into something she shouldn't, so I went in to check on her. I was very surprised at what I saw:

She went to the extent of pulling all 3 blanket animals from her bed and passed out on her chair in her room. Man, she must have been really tired, because she'd normally come tell me to put her in bed! Too cute. It was hard to wake her up to move her into her crib, but I knew she wouldn't nap well if I didn't. My sweet little baby!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morro Bay!

The Wedehase family got the chance to get away this weekend. Jason has been working a ton of overtime trying to finish a job site. It has been really hard on our family, so we decided to take advantage of Labor Day weekend, regardless of the potential crowds and traffic. Our deal to each other was that we didn't have any time lines, we can stop and look at anything we wanted, and we couldn't fight. Not bad, huh? :)

We drove to Morro Bay Sunday after church. It was a great drive. Paige slept in the car for about an hour, which is very rare for her. On the way there, we took a side street and stopped at a family farm store. Paige got to see and feed goats, look at pumpkins on a vine, and best of all, play in the dirt! It was a lot of fun.

Our hotel was only 2 blocks from the Embarcadero, so we just walked down the hill to see the sights and eat great food! Paige loved looking at the "ochen" (ocean) and wanted to go "wimming water" (swimming in the water). She heard sea gulls for the first time and immediately started making their noises. It was really funny. Then we also found some sea lions on a dock and she loved to watch them. She would throw her head back and make their noises too. It was so cute!

While Mommy was doing some shopping, Daddy took Paige out onto a pier to get some pictures. She had a blast chasing around a sea gull. She also enjoyed looking at the water through the boards on the pier. Here is a great picture Daddy got, when he asked Paige to smile.

Eventually we made it to the beach, where we could take Paige to feel the sand and water. I was really unsure what Paige would do. I was kind of expecting her to be afraid of the water, being that it's loud, moving and cold. She really surprised me when she walked straight to the water and let it come up onto her feet. We played in the wet sand, and combed the beach for shells. Then we headed back to our towel for some fun in the sand. I knew she would like that part, because Nanna and Nanno have a sand box that she loves to play in. Her and Daddy dug around for a bit. Daddy buried her feet and she laughed! She loves to play in the dirt! She's a farm girl at heart.

We had a great time getting away. We really look forward to taking a much needed longer vacation to Pismo soon.