Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 19

Weekday mornings, I wake up with Jason, make him a lunch and send him off to work. After he leaves, I usually get back into bed and try to get an hour or so more sleep. Paige is pretty good about letting me sleep more. She knows that she isn't supposed to wake me up until it's 8:00. To her, that means the alarm clock starts with an 8, and often it's more like 8:30. Lately she's been playing with Eli and letting me sleep even longer. I usually wake when Samuel is crying to eat. Friday morning was a little different. I heard a soft whisper, "You're the best!" and then tip toes creeping out of the room. How could I not smile and be warmed by such a sweet awakening!
I'm so thankful of sweet moments from the sweet girl that we have. Thanks Paige for making my Friday start perfectly.