Thursday, May 14, 2009

Public Prayer for Eli this Sunday at CHCC

You've all been so great with your love and support, we can't even begin to put our appreciation into words. For everyone who's been tagging along, anyone who'd like to support us further, anyone at all who would like to pray with us for Eli, we feel led to dedicate some time to corporate prayer at the hospital itself.

Sunday @ 6:30pm
Prayer walk at Children's Hospital
Anyone who would like to come, is invited. There are a lot of you here. If you're reading this, this invitation includes you.

As Eli's health seems to continually decline, Tanya and I have been begging God for an understanding of why this is happening. We've attempted to dedicate this entire process to the glorification of our Creator, but it's easy to be bold with your faith around your friends. It has become crystal clear that Tanya and I need to mature to be less private and internal with our faith.

I have been reminded of Joshua 6, when, in faith, the Isrealites marched around Jericho. Similarly, we feel led to put together this time of prayer and public confession of our faith. We pray that you might find the time and desire to be there with us.

If you have any questions, we're glad to help. Let us know.

- Jason and Tanya


The Moores said...

Though we won't be able to be there on Sunday, we will be here in Salinas walking and praying with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to try to come . . . is there a meeting place you'd like us to come to??

Lesley Gates

Jason said...

We'll meet outside the front entrance, so everyone can find us. There was also a question about kids. Certainly, kids are welcomed! By all means, bring them if you'd like.