Sunday, May 17, 2009

Public Prayer Follow Up

Tanya and I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank so many of you for all the support you're giving us. The last count was over 100 people at the prayer walk this evening, in addition to all the notes of encouragement we got from people who weren't able to make it. For everyone to take a couple hours out of their day, drive 80 miles round trip, and pray in record heat (105 degrees today!) is more than we can really wrap our heads around. To so many of you who couldn't make it due to geography, illness, or other conflict, you mean the world to us, also.

Thank you, Pastor Jim, for assembling some sort of complete project out of the broken pieces of a puzzle I threw at you. Thank you everyone else for participating in an act of blind faith. Thank you, CHCC security team for making sure we weren't terrorists... multiple times! Ha!

Tomorrow morning, we're back at the hospital real early for Eli's rescheduled fundoplication and G-tube. With a little luck, they'll throw in a circumcision while he's knocked out. We're excited because his surgeon is Dr. Allshouse, the head of all pediatrics. His anesthesiologist is Dr. Seiden, the head of all medical staff. Both of those names carry a lot of respect with the nurses, and everyone tells us we're in the best hands possible.

Unlike during his first surgery, Internet access is now filtered at the hospital, and it makes posting to this blog very tedious, and using Facebook almost impossible. But we'll do our best to keep everyone updated.

To those of you who took pictures this evening, we'd love to have a copy of those. If you're able to forward any, my public email address is .

Talk to you all soon. We need to get some sleep tonight.


Amy said...

So glad it went well. We will continue praying this morning.