Monday, November 3, 2008

Hit the ground running

There is nothing like coming home from a relaxing vacation to a tornado at home! We had a great time in Pismo. We did a whole lot of nothing, but were able to have a great time as a family of 3. I'll have to post some pictures of our vacation when we get our home computer up and running again.

Paige got to experience a lot of my favorite memories of Pismo from when I was a kid. She fed the ducks, played at the beach, went to the zoo, to the pumpkin patch, walked out on the pier, and even got her first scoop of ice cream from The Scoop. It was so much fun to pass on my traditions to my daughter.

On our way home from Pismo, we soldified plans for Grandma and Grandpa Salt to come for a weekend visit. They arrived on Wednesday evening and stayed until Monday. As soon as we got home from Pismo, the next 2 days were spent unpacking, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and getting ready for our guests. We were racing to get everything done!

Our visit with Grandma and Grandpa Salt was great. Paige didn't skip a beat with them. They actually stayed home with her on Thursday morning, while I was at a doctor's appointment. She was letting them know the routine and told them where to find everything. It's great now, because she's so honest, but I know I can only expect that for so long! Before long, she'll be tricking them into things that Mommy and Daddy "let" her do, but not really.

We really enjoyed our vacation and visit. I know I am looking forward to having a somewhat normal routine again, whatever that is! :)