Monday, November 24, 2008

Insurance Jumble

For the past year or so, Paige and I have been self-insured because it saved us a lot of money. Jason gets insurance through his employer, but it was very expensive to add Paige and me. With Eli coming soon, we had to reevaluate our insurance situation. We can only imagine that personal insurance premiums for Eli will be through the roof, if he is even insurable at all. We knew that open enrollment for Jason's employer was in the fall sometime, so when we asked, we were relieved to find out it was November. Our plan was to re-enroll Paige and me into his insurance and add Eli when he is born. This would give us the flat premium through his employer, and not the variable HIGH premium privately.

When we initially looked into adding us, his employer said they didn't think they could add me, because I have a previous medical condition (I'm already pregnant). Uh-oh! Now we were up a creek! We would have to pay BOTH premiums for a year until next November! No way could we afford that!

Jason called Blue Cross directly to see if this was the case. Come to find out, Paige and I were never actually dropped from his insurance! What? Yep! We have been double covered this entire time. What ended up happening was Jason submitted the paper work to drop us, but accounting never stopped paying the insurance company to officially drop us. Nothing has been pulled out of Jason's checks, so we have been double covered for free! Lucky mistake for us.

What does this mean? That I don't have to worry about my previous health condition! Woo-Hoo! Jason signed the paper work today to add Paige and me back onto his insurance. We are insured by his employer and will be able to add Eli when he is born.

Not only are we insured, but now I can submit all the paper work on all the deductables that I've already paid out this year. In theory, we should be repaid all that money back!

God is good.


Amy said...

Praise God! What a wonderful "mistake" !!!

Mom said...

One of many prayers answered and to be answered. God is definitely GOOD...

michele cabiness said...

What an amazing blessing!! The prayers are working!!

Tamara B said...

very cool, that story gave me the chills.