Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Warm, Windy, but Wound down

The Wedehase family finally has had a chance for a little vacation. We are in Pismo this week. My mom and Ceasare graciously allowed us to use their trailer, and we are staying at Pismo Coast Village, my childhood vacation spot. Jason and I have come here several times in the past, and found it to be the most relaxing vacations we ever have. This is the first time we've been able to bring Paige with us.

Unfortunately, it is really warm here. High 70s to low 80s. YIKES! It really isn't that bad, but you always think of the coast as being cool and overcast. At least there is a little breeze today, so it stays a little cooler.

Paige is having a blast playing outside. We brought her a dump truck and some sand toys. She is completely content outside the trailer, playing in the dirt. It really makes Jason and I want to finish up the backyard quickly! She's going to have a blast once it's done.

Jason has finally had some down time. This summer was really hectic for him at work. It's really nice for him to get away and relax a little. Unfortunately, he's so relaxed that he's come down with a cold. He's got the runny nose, congestion, cloudy-head business. Not a great time for him. :(

We've had a great day of nothingness so far, and are looking forward to 5 more! We'll post pics and updates as we can.