Thursday, June 25, 2009

A New Pediatrician

We went through a few pediatricians with Paige until we found one we liked. When Eli was born, we looked into getting him in-line, as well. Come to find out, Dr. Fraley is retiring. Bummer!

So the search was on again. There was another doctor at the same office who came with good recommendation from the cardiology team at CHCC. He was the kind of doctor who enjoyed a challenging child (perfect), and even had specialty training in cardiac conditions! It seemed like a perfect match. We met him Monday, but we just didn't click. We realized it was very possible he was caught a little off-guard by Eli and his mountains of paperwork and medical history. It sounded like he was expecting a standard "well visit, meet the patient" kind of visit. We decided we'd give him another chance. However, we started to hear repeated recommendations for another doctor, Don Fields of Yosemite Pediatrics. He was so well praised, we decided to give him a chance. This has turned out to be a great decision!

First impressions of Dr. Fields office were of a very welcoming, new building. Fresh, modern colors, rich woods and a very open, airy environment. Of course, ergonomics don't decide a doctor, but it was refreshing. The staff was genuine, nice, and helpful. As soon as they saw Eli, they brought us back into the "Baby Room," telling us they were expecting sick kids any minute, and that it would be a good idea to isolate Eli.

We transferred into a normal room. and Dr. Fields came in almost immediately, laptop in hand for his paperless office. He sat with us for quite some time, asking lots of questions about Eli's medical history, and creating many new questions we'd never before heard. He made observations no one else has made, as well. The most notable of these was in regards to Eli's temperature. For some time now, Eli's had low-grade fevers. He's been poked and prodded so many times to figure out what's wrong, but nothing ever comes back positive. Dr. Fields made some detailed explanations (I'll spare you) about how he thought it could be a problem with the temperature regulating portion of his brain! He told us "Anytime anyone sees abnormal temperatures, they immediately jump to the conclusion of a fever or infection. Why hasn't anyone does a CT scan of his brain, to see if he has any other physiological defects?" So he'll be scheduling that for us himself.

We mentioned who his doctors were at CHCC, so he said he'd head over there this evening and sit down with all of them and catch up! We asked if all of Eli's transport needs qualify us for a handicap placard, so he's sending all the paperwork into the DMV for us. We asked about a PG&E break for his medical needs, so he's sending in all the paperwork for us. He gives all his patients his personal cell and pager numbers. He has on-site X-ray.

Are we impressed? An emphatic "Yes!" to say the least. It seems too good to be true, so the cynic and skeptic in me are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Until then, we're more comfortable and excited than we've ever been about a pediatrician!

His Web site could use some attention, but here he is:


Rebecca Parker said...

Wow, what a gift from God! Thank you Lord for your gracious gift.

Kimberly said...

Wow, it was so wonderful to read that post. I'm so thankful that you found this wonderful doctor for Eli. I wish all doctors were that good.

The Cipolla Family said...

Wow!! I wished we lived close by so we could use that Dr!!! He sounds like an answer to prayer! Congrats on the new Doc and maybe some new peace of mind, knowing that Eli will be in very good care =)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through an internet search. We had boy/girl twins on 3/4/09 and our son, Chance, has HLHS. He is still in the hospital and just turned 4 months. I've read some of your struggles and just wanted to offer some support from someone that is there with you. Faith is a wonderful thing. Maybe you can email me: Chance's site is

Dr. Donald W. Fields said...

Hello Wedehase family,

I have a new website, that's much better than the old (there is a story behind all of it). Please check it out and let me know what you think. I'm up for any critiques.

Did you ever hear from PGE or get the Placard? If not I can resend the paperwork. Just let me know.

Don Fields

Wedehase Family said...

Just to keep everything current, it looks like the Web site is actually