Monday, July 13, 2009

Cath Lab Procedure

First, we need to apologize. We've totally dropped the ball, and haven't let everyone know Eli has another procedure this morning (Monday). So here's an update begging for the continued prayer support you've all given so faithfully up to this point.

Today, Eli goes into the cath lab and they're going to send a probe up into his lungs to measure blood pressure and flow inside the lungs directly. This is a general anaesthesia procedure with intubation, and standard practice is to keep the patient overnight in the hospital, afterward. The doctors have already teased that, with Eli, it will probably be a couple days, given his history. And... they're not really joking. That's probably realistic. This test is to make sure Eli's lungs are even going to be capable of handling his stage 2 heart surgery, called the "Glenn." We're hoping and praying, with all that we have left in us, that his lungs will be OK. If not... his story turns very grim.

We've typically used the blog to mobilize prayer, but have totally dropped the ball, lately. Life's been such a tornado, as we adjust to Eli's needs at home: keeping track of his meds, sleeping, eating, transport, doctor's appointments (he's had 8 in the last 3 weeks), general attention, and so on, all while maintaining Paige's normal life, at the same time. As a side note, Paige has been an amazing big sister, helping whenever she can. She's so proud of having a little brother, she always introduces him to everyone wherever we go.

Please pray for his lungs to be sufficient, and his recovery to be speedy. Please also pray that he doesn't "catch" anything during his return visit to the hospital.


Amy said...

You guys have nothing to apologize for. You are in survival mode right now, and I think everyone who reads this blog and knows you realizes this. At least they should. :)

We will lift up Eli today in prayer and continue to ask the Lord for His will and our will to be the same. We will pray for you two also. Praying that you find your strength in the Lord and hope in the only guarantee we have this side of heaven! Love you both so much!

The Favelos said...

Thank you for the update. We will be praying that Eli's lungs are sufficient, and for your continued strength and trust in the Lord. Love you all, Heather

Rebecca Parker said...

We are praying.