Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just a quick note, and request for support.

We've brought Eli back to CHCC because he's having problems feeding. Our own assessment is that stuff is going in, but not coming back out. It hurts him so bad to eat, we hasn't eaten since his 3am feeding. We hope it's not C-diff complications. Nothing's been verified yet, but we expect he will be re-admitted today.

The last 24 hours have been extremely difficult for Tanya and I. Neither of us has slept, Eli hasn't stopped screaming. He still mixes in some great big smiles, but they get cut short with abdominal pains. This is the toughest time we've had yet, with Eli and our own care. We're both running on adrenaline, alone. And we miss Paige, dearly.

Please pray for Eli's health.
Please pray for our sanity.
Please pray for Paige's stability.


The Favelos said...

Wow... praying for you guys - let me know if there is anything I can do to help. We would love to watch Paige if that would help. Praying for all you requested - love you guys, Heather

Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, and more praying. Uncertainty in difficult circumstances - praying for clarity of mind and a surreal peace in the midst of the storm. Love you all!

- Dedinis

Stephanie Dollahite said...

we're continuing to praying for you all!

Sheri said...

Praying blessings, rest, strength, energy and renewed minds and spirits in Jesus' name!