Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morro Bay!

The Wedehase family got the chance to get away this weekend. Jason has been working a ton of overtime trying to finish a job site. It has been really hard on our family, so we decided to take advantage of Labor Day weekend, regardless of the potential crowds and traffic. Our deal to each other was that we didn't have any time lines, we can stop and look at anything we wanted, and we couldn't fight. Not bad, huh? :)

We drove to Morro Bay Sunday after church. It was a great drive. Paige slept in the car for about an hour, which is very rare for her. On the way there, we took a side street and stopped at a family farm store. Paige got to see and feed goats, look at pumpkins on a vine, and best of all, play in the dirt! It was a lot of fun.

Our hotel was only 2 blocks from the Embarcadero, so we just walked down the hill to see the sights and eat great food! Paige loved looking at the "ochen" (ocean) and wanted to go "wimming water" (swimming in the water). She heard sea gulls for the first time and immediately started making their noises. It was really funny. Then we also found some sea lions on a dock and she loved to watch them. She would throw her head back and make their noises too. It was so cute!

While Mommy was doing some shopping, Daddy took Paige out onto a pier to get some pictures. She had a blast chasing around a sea gull. She also enjoyed looking at the water through the boards on the pier. Here is a great picture Daddy got, when he asked Paige to smile.

Eventually we made it to the beach, where we could take Paige to feel the sand and water. I was really unsure what Paige would do. I was kind of expecting her to be afraid of the water, being that it's loud, moving and cold. She really surprised me when she walked straight to the water and let it come up onto her feet. We played in the wet sand, and combed the beach for shells. Then we headed back to our towel for some fun in the sand. I knew she would like that part, because Nanna and Nanno have a sand box that she loves to play in. Her and Daddy dug around for a bit. Daddy buried her feet and she laughed! She loves to play in the dirt! She's a farm girl at heart.

We had a great time getting away. We really look forward to taking a much needed longer vacation to Pismo soon.


Kimberly said...

Oh Tanya, I'm so glad you got to go to the coast this weekend. I love all of these pictures. They are so beautiful. My favorite is the one of you holding Paige up and kissing her. The Rock looks great in the background. I miss that big ol' rock... Morro Bay is my most favorite place - it's very dear to my heart (I hope someday to move back there again). Thanks for sharing the special moments you all had over there. Love, Kim

Tamara B said...

hey there, its me Tammy. I've wondered about you many times in the last few years so it was quite the surprise when I saw your comment on Amy's blog. I just knew it was you when I saw "wedehase".

I'm coming home in two weeks and would love to see you and meet Paige (I scrolled through your blog) and introduce you to my little family.

Anonymous said...

Sister! I love these pictures! Especially the black and white one with Jason holding Paige's hand. Great shot. The aww factor of my niece has reached its threshold!
Love, Sarah

Wedehase Family Blog said...

Kim: Thanks for the comments! The kissing Paige is one of my favorites too!

Tammy!!!: Hello there! I'd be glad to meet up with you and your family when you are here. Shoot me an email and we'll chat some more. twedehase@yahoo.com

Sarah: The B&W pic has the most votes as far as favorites goes. If the awww factor is at it's threshold, now what? She's got no more awww factor? What about Baby #2? I think you need to find a new threshold! :)

Anonymous said...

You know what I meant! FINE. It has reached a new level, surpassing the former threshold. So there!