Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HUGE Praise!

For the past 4 years, our only vehicle has been our Toyota Tundra truck. It has worked very well for our one kid family. Since we are adding another kid, we really needed to look for a car. 2 car seats don't work too well in a truck.
Problem: It's not really a truck buying market out there. We were really worried that we weren't going to be able to sell the truck for a decent price. Since we still owe on the truck, this was going to create a big problem on the purchase of a new car. We couldn't even look for new cars until the truck was gone.
We decided to list the truck now, in case it sat for some time. We checked the Blue Book and then also several different sites around to see what people are asking for their 2002 Tundras. BB says we should get about 8,000. We couldn't find anything on the internet for LESS than 10,000. We listed the truck Saturday morning on Craig's List for just under 10,000. Monday morning we get a call and essentially a cash offer over the phone, sight unseen. The guy is here by 11, the truck gone at noon! Praise God! We even got our asking price (ABOVE BB!!)
Uh oh....now we don't have a car! ;) No worries, we went up to Fresno and found a great deal for ourselves. We are now the happy owners of a 2006 Honda Accord. What other color for the Wedehase's, but dark silver (the color of the past 3 cars we've owned!)
Our family is just praising God because we got a great price for our truck, it sold SO quickly, and we were able to replace it with a great, reliable, affordable, family car! HOORAY!!


Amy said...

How awesome is that? Praise the Lord!