Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paige's New Bike

Today, Paige got her first bicycle! We went to Toys-R-Us and she rode all the bikes in her size. She decided on a purple bike with flowers and a pink seat. We took the bike home, put it together, and she was immediately off on her first adventure. Before the bike was even complete, she was asking to ride to her friend Kaylynn's house, because she had written her a letter and wanted to deliver it. Here's a short photo journal of our afternoon.

Paige and Daddy building her new bike.

Paige helped with the seat...

...and the purple pedals!

Once assembled and tires aired up, outside we went! This is Paige hopping up on the bike for the first time.

And we're off!

It was a little chilly outside today, so Mommy helped her with her vest.

Then we were off to Kaylynn's.

Bye bye, little girl.

Paige and Kaylynn were very excited to see each other. In fact, Kaylynn had also written a letter for Paige!

Then Kaylynn picked a flower from the garden, and sent it home with Paige.

Headed back home.

As she became more comfortable on the new bike, she began to ride faster and faster. Look at those handlebar tassles fly!


Anonymous said...

kids grow so quickly. i remember the funniest trip to toys r us when ashley was little. we went with much excitement to help her pick out her first pink bike. they gave us a receipt and tols us to pull around back to pick it up. As i watched mike carry a box back to the car,about the size of a shoe box, i lost it. I was laughing so hard. we assumed when we bought it back then 19 years ago it would come just as we saw it in the store. (a little back ground; Mike has never been good at assembling things). He had this look of total discust as i roared with laughter. blessings to your beautiful family. Tamera