Thursday, March 3, 2011


So if we were library books, we'd have some serious overdue charges on our blog. Now that I think about it, I think we actually do have charges on our actual library account...oops! :) Anyway, I'm going to try to bring you all up to speed with our family. Obviously I can't do it all at once, so I will try to do it in pieces.

Since today is Samuel's 6 month birthday, I'll start with him. Samuel is the easiest baby yet. Paige was easy, he is easier. He is always happy. Always smiling. Loves to giggle and is very ticklish. When he's not smiling, he's sleeping.

He is also the first of our kids to acutally hit developmental milestones on target. Eli is delayed for obvious reasons. Paige was content to just sit. She didn't really pull to stand or even become mobile until after her first birthday. Samuel is rolling over and has found that he can get to things he wants this way. I often find him across the living room from where I left him. He is almost sitting independently. He'll have that down here shortly.

Samuel is a big boy, but we knew that when he was born at 8 pounds 10 ounces! Last time we checked he was 17 pounds (and that was over a month ago). I'm sure he's pushing close to 20 now. We'll find out for sure next week when we take him to the pediatrician.

Samuel has been a great addition to our family. He certainly completes us. Paige and Eli love him tons. They love to interact with him and make him laugh. We are certainly more complete with him here.


Tamara B said...

mobile babies = trouble.

Glad to catch up with you.