Sunday, August 30, 2009

Giving the Doctor a Look-See

Eli's cold continues to worsen. He's constantly coughing and wheezing. Each breath is so snotty it makes me want to blow my own nose. One of the benefits of our new pediatrician is having his cell number. We called him, and he offered to meet us at his office today.

I hate to beat a head horse, but the severity of the situation doesn't always seem to register. When we receive comments like "You can't live your life worrying about every little sniffle," or "At least it's just a head cold," it's very difficult to hear, and so extremely insensitive. A little sniffle or "just a head cold" is literally life threatening to Eli. He's that fragile, especially when it comes to pulmonary function. Please recognize what a dark road we're traveling right now. I'm sorry to be so direct and rude, but while nearly everyone has been great support, some tiny, well-intended dagger wounds have really begun to fester.

Please pray that he maintains his strength to fight this.
Please pray that this isn't doing further damage to his lungs, which have already failed one cath lab test.

As I type this, he continues his raspy cough. And smiles.

UPDATE: Our pediatrician gave us a bunch of respiratory drugs and a nebulizer. We also got a prescription for antibiotics. We're making every effort we can to stay in front of pneumonia. Eli's reacting well to the treatments, but there's definitely some junk built up inside those lungs already.


Bonnie said...

Praying for Eli ~ knowing the God who gave him life can also breathe healing into his little lungs.

Praying for your hearts too, Jason and Tanya. Your post speaks the truth in love (it does not sound rude to me.

Thank you for sharing your pain and struggle with how precious Eli's life is, and how each breath he takes is quite literally a miracle.

May Eli's doctor receive wisdom beyond his own ability from the Great Physician!

We love you and continue to hold your family before Him.

Tamara B said...

I love it that you're real and would expect nothing less. Some of don't know how to react or what to say. We love Eli enough that we sometimes forget the severity of his medical issues and its good to be brought back to reality about them. Praying that snot goes away! Love you guys!

Rachel Haire said...

I agree with Bonnie - you aren't being rude. You're being a great parent by protecting your children the best way that you can.

We're praying!

Dr. Donald W. Fields said...

There's nothing rude about speaking the truth. And, the truth is that Eli's lungs are quite fragile. A "minor" infection can cause his lungs to become "stiffer" and shunt his blood the opposite direction in his heart. This can lead to severe symptoms within seconds.'s important to worry and be concerned about every little sniffle. That sniffle can lead to a very severe illness.
Dr. Don Fields

One Blessed Mommy said...

.... very few Mommy's have walked in your shoes and to act as if we can relate is so wrong. My prayer is for every sniffle, every sneeze and every cough be gone in Jesus's precious name do I pray these things for Eli as well as your whole family! And your words are not even close to rude, they are a gentle reminder that Eli is fragile.
In Christ,
Jill O'Bannon

Christina said...

We continue to pray for your sweet Eli. I just asked Jessie Parker if she had any current info the other day, so I was happy to see some new posts as it allows us to more specifically pray for your family's needs and Eli's health. Thinking of you this day and sending special prayers.