Friday, August 28, 2009

Fighting a Head Cold

Last week, I (Jason) picked up a small head cold. It was nothing notable, it never even slowed me down. I never really developed a runny nose, and never coughed more than about 4-5 times. A couple days ago, it became apparent Paige had picked it up, as well. Although it's also not slowing her down a step, she definitely has a runny nose, a small cough, and has what we call "her funny voice."

We've been making every effort we can to isolate Eli from all of this, but how can you in a 1300 sq/ft home? We tried sequestering her in her room with movies (Thank you Nanna for the portable DVD player). Then we asked for help from friends willing to take a mildly sick child into their home. Thank you so much to those who've already helped. This weekend, Paige is staying with Nanna for the whole weekend, and this is an incredible gift to us, and especially Eli.

I'm writing because Eli is starting to show signs of being effected by this cold. His cough is a little wet, and his breathing is a little... snotty. All of Eli's immediate health concerns are based around the capability of his lungs. If this cough makes it into his lungs, it is very realistic to expect he may make it back into the ICU.

Please pray for protection and healing for Eli, and especially his lungs.

As a side note, we've come to recognize how rarely the blog is updated any longer. We're going to make efforts to resolve that.


Amy said...

We will be praying for Eli!

Bonnie said...

So sorry I could not help you today, Tanya. Praying for good health for you all, and protection for Eli.