Friday, April 17, 2009

Running its course

When Eli became sick last week, they immediately began testing to find out what he had. Thankfully, he was negative for RSV. However, he was positive for Parainfluenza Type 3. His symptoms are congestion and a cough. Because of his fragile state, his recovery has been delayed. We have to wait for the virus to run its course, since it cannot be treated with antibiotics.
In the beginning of his infection, Eli also showed signs of acid reflux. This is common for healthy babies and even more common for heart babies. For now, his feeding tube has been pushed down into his intestine (instead of his stomach) and he is on a continual drip feed. Once the virus is cleared, they will pull the feeding tube back to his stomach and attempt bolus feeds, or large feedings every 3 hours, just as before he got sick. We are hoping the reflux is minimal and can be treated with medications. If the reflux is beyond medication control, Eli may have to have a surgery to minimize it.
Current praises:

  • Eli is stronger and is slowly overcoming his flu virus
  • God has blessed us of 2 months with our baby boy
Current prayers:
  • The virus clears quickly
  • Acid reflux is minimal and can be treated with medications
  • Eli can gain sufficient weight to be brought home
  • Jason, Tanya and Paige have the endurance to continue on the race God has put them on.


Bonnie said...

Dear Friends,

Whenever I try to endure it seems I become more overwhelmed. Then I am reminded that endurance is a product of my faith being tested (James 1)and not something I must effort to achieve.

My role in enduring is to have faith in His perfect will. He promises to produce the endurance in me as I rest in His everlasting arms.

May you feel His strong arms holding you as your faith is tested. May the testing of your faith produce the endurance you long to feel.

Happy two-month birthday, Little Man!