Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby steps

Man. When we don't post, you all let us know! There really hasn't been too much to post lately.

We talked with Eli's doctor yesterday and he said we have basically 2 things we are working on to get him home. He needs to detox and eat. We are still weening him from Methadone and Valium. Whenever they cut his doses, he does show signs of withdrawl (sweaty, cranky, large pupils). Both doses are very small, but he is dependent on them. Cutting him cold turkey could send him into seizures. We must take it slow!
His doctor also thinks he is not eating as well as he should because of the drugs. They cause him to be very sleepy. When he is very sleepy, he doesn't have enough energy to eat. Eli is still offered the bottle at every feed. He'll usually drink anywhere from 10 mL to 25 mL before he poops out. The rest of the bottle is fed through his feeding tube. After the detox, Doc thinks he'll become a better eater.
There are a few housekeeping tests they are doing, just to be sure his body is working properly. They are running tests on his thyroid, adrenal gland, and tummy. These tests are just to make sure they are all working properly. He's been on a lot of drugs for his whole life, so they just want to be sure he is okay without the drugs.
It is still a matter of weeks before Eli actually gets to come home. We just need to take it slowly. As our doctors have constantly told us, "We have to take baby steps."


Tamara B said...

and baby steps it is!

Anonymous said...

Being able to wean him from such strong opiates will take time. He's done so well, I thank God every day. Thanks for the update. Wean!


Stephanie Dollahite said...

We'll continue to pray for Eli and for sustained strength for your family.