Monday, March 23, 2009

Possible Extubation: Round 2

Eli's been doing very well on his lung exercises this week. We were just told that if tonight goes well, he'll be extubated again tomorrow. Tanya and I are a little gun shy about this, because we've seen him working so hard during his sprints. We're going to have to trust the doctors, but our fears of him not being ready continue to dominate our thoughts.

Please pray that Eli is ready and does well.
Please pray that Tanya and I get decent rest. We're both so constantly exhausted.
Please praise God with us that He has chosen to use Eli to bring glory to His name already.


Bonnie said...

Praying you know His peace and rest today as you anticipate the extubation.

Praying Eli's strength has increased and he is strong enough to breathe on his own.

Praising God that these circumstances are an opportunity for transformation - as you wait on Him, and as others recognize their need for a Savior.

Hugs all around the Wedehase family today!

Bonnie and Tony

Tamara B said...

take a deep breathe, all of you :)