Saturday, February 21, 2009

The next day

Eli's doing extremely well today. All his numbers are good. They've started to reduce his sedatives, and he opened his eyes for us today. He also got a little bath, and had his hair styled. We're in a season that will be filled with both nice weather and storms. Today, the sun is shining. Here's our little hero this afternoon.


Justin said...

please keep me posted. I want to call you guys, but the message I got from the church said that you guys are overwhelmed with calls. Our hearts are with you and Eli.

Moma said...

God Bless your little Eli. I know it's difficult to watch him in this state, I have a 20 month old daughter, Rosemary, who also has HLHS. Time will stand still and fly at the same time. Stay strong, stay positive for his sake. You are his hope, you will find peace, and you will figure out what your "normal" means. Let time do what it will, this is what it is. Children have a source of resilience that can only come from God. I wish you all the best.

Fill yourselves with light and hope,
Lori Irvin

Amy said...

Just the sight of him warms our hearts! We love him already! We are so thankful for a "good" day. We continue to pray for healing. Love you all!

The Favelos said...

He looks great! Thank you for the update. I am glad he is doing so well today. Those pictures are precious! We will continue praying. Lot's of people here in Oklahoma have been praying for you guys. I plan on coming to visit when I get home tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


This post is typed from a random keyboard in Africa by one who feels connected to you via the magic of a Christian global family. I heard about Eli's case through the Redferns -- Bonnie and Tony. This line of mine is just to ensure you that you're not alone in this cloudy time of trial. No matter what the outcome is, I pray God to guide each and every stakeholder in this story, including little Eli. BTW, he looks cute.

God bless,

Luke in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bonnie said...

Eli is so precious - I love him already! I am glad for the improved condition and love his "winking" eyes!

Your metaphor of being in the sunshine today is such a clear picture of this journey. The following quote speaks to my experience and I hope it strengthens you today:

"God can calm the storm,
or he can calm his child
in the storm."

May you feel His everlasting arms wrapped around you during both the sunshine and the storm!

Loving you,

Bonnie and Tony

PS: I love Luke's comment! One day you will need to meet him!

Rebecca Parker said...

Dear Jason and Tanya,
Eli is so beautiful. We're still praying.
Greg and Rebecca

Kristi said...

What a cutie! :) Praying for you and healing for Eli. We send lots of hugs your way. Love, Kristi and Blair

Anonymous said...

He looks SO much like Jason! Aww, I'm so proud of my little nephew and his wonderful parents. I love you all!

Auntie (x2!) Sarah