Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Camera

Paige got a new digital camera from Grandma and Grandpa Salt. What a long way technology has come, when you're giving 2-year a digital camera! After they spent some time getting her to understand how it worked, she was off to the races! She takes it with her everywhere now. Here are a couple of the shots from the first "roll of film." These are all uncropped, to properly display her entire creative eye.


Anonymous said...

She never ceases to amaze everyone! I adore the photo of you and Jason. It's really wonderful!

Auntie Sarah

The Favelos said...

So fun!!! Maybe we should get Noah one for his Birthday! I have this old disposable camera upstairs in the nightstand by my bed, he loves taking pictures with that, as well as taking 'supervised' pictures with my camera. Her pictures are really cute. I like the one of the two of you guys!