Friday, August 1, 2008

February 15th

Well, for those of you who don't know, the Wedehase family will be growing 2 feet in mid-February. Jason and I are very excited to add a sibling for Paige. She doesn't quite get it yet, but I think it'll be a lot easier as I get bigger and she can feel and see movement.
I have been feeling okay. A few episodes of morning sickness here and there. But so far everything is tolerable.
Just like we did with Paige, we won't be finding out the gender. We had so much fun with that, and it sure makes labor and delivery a little more tolerable for Mommy! :)
We are struggling a little with names, so if you have any SERIOUS suggestions, please feel free to add them. We have a girl's name picked out, and a boy's middle name picked out, but that's as far as we've gotten. Luckily, we still have some time.
Here is an ultrasound picture that was taken before I left to Ukraine. The baby was about 7 weeks, if I remember correctly. We got one so early because the midwife wanted to be sure baby was where it was supposed to be, especially before I left the country. Everything is perfect! In the picture you can see the head at the top little plus sign. The baby is facing left, so you can make out some of the facial features. Just below that pointing to the left are the arm and hand nubs.
God's creation is so amazing. At just 7 weeks, so much is formed! We are praising God for our family and excitedly await the addition!


michele cabiness said...

congratulations! Now you can join our pregnant club!