Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Witnessing and Experiencing the Power of Prayer

Thursday night, I (Tanya) left Eli's room at 9:00. He was sleeping soundly and everything was as it has been the past few weeks. Just 12 hours later, I arrived back to his room. Before I even entered the room, I could tell something was wrong. He was ashy blue, not his new normal pink. He was swallowing his breaths, and acting very full. I felt his belly. It was full, even though he hadn't had anything in it for about 5 days. I immediately opened up his g-tube to vent it (basically burp for him) and a bunch of air came out. That's when he started retching and dry-heaving. He can't vomit or burp because of his fundoplication, so it's horrible to watch. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

The nurse had checked his vitals only two hours before and everything appeared normal. He checked his temperature again, and he was running a fever of 102*. Within minutes, Eli's surgeon, a cardiologist, the ICU doctor, his nurse, and the charge nurse were all at his bedside assessing him. Many tests and labs were ordered, medicines prescribed, and poor Eli was just moaning and shivering in bed.

I had been texting Jason as things were happening, and I asked him to post up on Facebook, asking you all for prayers. Your quick response to our request was certainly noticed, even though I had no internet access. I couldn't see your responses here on Facebook, but I witnessed God's answer to your prayers. Before any medical intervention could be given, before Eli had any medicines in his body, his color had come back, and his fever had broke. He was resting rather comfortably in his bed. If I had walked into the room at that moment, I would've thought nothing of it. Both nurses commented how quickly he had turned, even without any medicine. I was able to witness to them telling them we have a network of friends praying for Eli right now. It's because of the power of our prayers that Eli is feeling better.

Thank you doesn't even begin to express how grateful I am to have your support and willingness to drop everything and pray for my son. Many of you sent notes, texts, and even posted our request out to your friends and prayer warriors. My eyes are full with tears of joy because you would do that for him. Thank you for helping me see the power of prayer, and allowing me to share it with a few others caring for my miracle boy.

Please continue to pray. We are still not out of this yet. They have ruled out a bunch of possibilities, but it may take 24-48 hours to get a definitive answer, if we can even get that. He is on a strong dose of antibiotic to stay ahead of anything that may be there.

Our God is the Almighty Healer. I was a witness to His powerful hand today.