Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally Our Time

Two years ago, Eli had his first cath lab procedure to check the pressures in his lungs and the function of his heart. This test was the first of three failed caths, proving he wasn't ready for the next phase of surgery, the Glenn Procedure. A couple weeks ago, on July 13, exactly two years since his first failed cath, we took Eli in again for another of this same cath lab procedure. The cardiology team likes to check periodically so they can gather data and better understand what Eli's heart is doing. We prepared ourselves for another failure. We were hopeful, but expecting to hear he wasn't ready...again.

We've become accustomed to this rut, this waiting game, this constant trudging through quicksand that has come to represent Eli's medical path. He should have had this Glenn Procedure two years ago, but the blood pressures i
n his lungs has always been too high. Last year, his numbers placed him "in range" for the Glenn, but the cardiology team agreed it was simply too high risk. His numbers were simply TOO marginal.

This year, he's still marginal, but better than ever before. The cardiology team doesn't feel his numbers will get any better, and believes now is finally the time to proceed with the Glenn. Eli will finally have his second of three open heart surgeries. We've waited two years to be able to say this. Now that it's here, it's scarier than we might have imagined.

Eli is scheduled for his Glenn on September 13, but we are also on the "short list" for any
opening in the coming two weeks. Our surgeon leaves the country in the second half of August, and our cardiologist leaves the country in the beginning of September. If we don't fall into an opened schedule by somewhere around August 10, we know we will be on hold all the way out to September 13. Either way, within the next six weeks, Eli will head in for his second major surgery.

Eli is on the verge of walking by himself. He walks with a single finger's support for balance now. He cruises furniture as fast as any kid. His language is finally exploding. He's picking up new words all the time, and his speech improves with each day. He's an absolute ball of happiness, always smiling, laughing and spreading joy everywhere he goes. He's grown from the feeble baby into quite the amazing little boy.

On February 20, 2009, we handed over a 2 day old sedated baby who we'd never seen with open eyes or without a breathing tube. While this was no easy task, it doesn't begin to compare to the thought of giving the surgeons our 2 1/2 year old son who speaks, lives and loves with us.

The day we'd begun to think would never come... has finally come. Eli is heading in for his second open heart surgery. As supportive as you all have already been, we're going to start leaning on all of you for that support again. To all our prayer warriors, you've been so faithful for so long. Please join us again as we place in God a trust as we never have before.

Here's our most recent picture of Eli, sitting in Pre-Op before his cath lab.


Steph D said...

I will definitely be praying for Eli, the med team, and your whole family. Love you guys and thanks for the update.