Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Little Hero!

Yesterday, I (Tanya) stepped outside for a brief moment to close the gate to the backyard. During that time, Eli began to have a reflux episode and was beginning to struggle to breath. Paige was inside and noticed, so she came out and said to me, "Mommy! Eli needs oxygen!!"

After getting Eli through his episode, I was very intentional in letting Paige know how proud I was of her. She got lots of praises and hugs, just to be sure she knew how much of a hero she was in helping Eli out. During this time, she says to me, "I saw he was choking and came and told you quickly!" She makes me more than proud!

Jason and I are so proud of the little hero that Paige is. She is always watching out for her brother. We are very thankful to how in-tune she is to Eli's care. She is our little nurse and is so responsible and loves to help us take care of Eli's needs. Yesterday's event made us realize even more what a special gift she is in our family and we are very thankful for her! She's really is Eli's Hero!


Heidi Short said...

Amen! What a fantastic little girl you have. Praise God!

Rachel Wood said...

Praise God for Paige's instincts! Paige and Eli are truly amazing and wonderful gifts to the world.

The Ayers said...

Too fabulous!