Monday, April 19, 2010

Making Daddy Proud

A few weeks ago I (Tanya) was listening to Blue Man Group while tidying up the house. Last week after dinner, Paige asked to dance to the "boom boom" music. I had to think what she might be talking about, and figured she must be referring to Blue Man. I found our DVD of their concert and played it so she could see the characters, but also the fun instruments they play. All four of us were rocking out to a very loud in-home concert of Blue Man Group. Paige started dancing around, eventually leading to head banging. Eli laid on the floor watching intently, and often laughing at his silly sister. Both of the kids enjoy listening and moving to rhythmic music, following Daddy's drumming and rocker footsteps.


The Cipolla Family said...

LOVE IT!!! We do that often at our house....really any time I'm cleaning as a matter of fact. We LOVE music in this house and Greg and I have several dance parties a week in the family room =) I love the head banging pictures....SO CUTE!