Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is in the air

It's March, already! The whole family spent the weekend outdoors getting ready for everything to come back from its winter sleep. Pulling weeds, trimming trees, mowing the lawn, fertilizing everything, and even starting the vegetable garden because Lowe's already had stuff in stock. It might be a little early, but we're so anxious for spring, we planted them anyway. Tomatoes and artichokes, so far. There's still room for zucchini and one more vegetable, unless we don't do the giant pumpkins this year... then we'll have lots of space!

We almost forgot to bring out the camera, so there aren't a lot of pictures. But here's our Super #1 Helper, Paige, helping to clean up the weeds. She loves to help!


Tamara B said...

how exciting. i look forward to that day... our snow is finally melting as the last few days have been above FREEZING!

Enjoy the green in early March... what a concept!