Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home again, with a catch

We made it back home today. Eli has slept terribly at the hospital, never more than 15 minutes at a time. When we started heading home, he was sacked out in the car in very short order. We brought him, fed him, and he slept for 3 hours. There's just nothing like your own bed, huh?

Paige has spent the last few days staying at a few different friends' houses. Today, she picked up a low grade fever. She's feeling fine, and just like we thought, it hasn't slowed her down at all... but it means she can't be near Eli for a while. She'll be staying with Nanna & Nanno until Monday night. Maybe we'll get to be an entire family unit soon!

On a different note, Eli is a notoriously difficult "poke." It's extremely difficult to get IVs in him, partially because he's been stuck so many times in his life, it's hard to find a clean spot. We've actually reached the point where the phlebotomists aren't allows to poke him any more, they always call in a PICU nurse. One area they've never touched is his head, where the veins are HUGE, shallow, and plentiful. As one nurse stated "His head's like a gold mine!" The downside is they have to shave his hair to get to them. Poor little guy! :)

Here he is at home, tonight.


Tamara B said...

Very cool to see Eli home. I bet Paige is having fun with nanna and nanno