Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Photos

This Christmas was obviously a quiet one at home for us. With our need to keep Eli safe, it really limits our options. A couple weeks ago, we were able to see Christmas Tree Lane, since it didn't require us leaving the car. We have also had tremendous support from two of our dearest friends, who have taken our precautionary practices upon themselves, so they are able to be at least one piece of "social" for us. There's simply no way we could communicate how humbling and great this is for us, nor offer enough thanks.

Here are some glimpses into our Christmas this year, Eli's first. He continues to be such a happy, smiley boy, and continues to bring us so much joy. With Paige now three years old, we've begun to forge our own holiday traditions. Paige helped make candies. Below, she dips pretzel sticks in caramel before also dipping them in chocolate then crushed almonds. Yummm!!! Randy and Laurie brought Paige a few games for Christmas. Paige really looks forward to seeing them, and they're so great at having the time and patience to enter her world and play with her. Here, Paige is beating Randy at a game of Ants in the Pants.

Also below, Paige now helps decorate the tree. And, Santa brought her the blue fork and spoon she asked for. Eli is all smiles, as usual, and completely captivated by the blue light on his first Christmas present.


Tamara B said...

so fun to see in pictures. I would love to hear in more detail about the precautions that R&L are taking to join you guys. The only reason I even bring it up is because I'm so curious to enter (from afar) your world and know how to be praying for you guys.

Thanks for the Christmas card!!!

Andrew said...

I second the question about precautions. Thanks for posting pictures - I love the photo of Eli laying on the ground laughing! Your gift for pictures is a really valuable one for everyone who cares about you, Jason! My family and I will pray with you guys.