Sunday, November 29, 2009

Modeling with Paige

Montana de Oro, just before sundown.

After a 1/2 mile hike down to the oceanic cliffs of Mo
ntana de Oro for some family photos, Paige first warmed up the camera on one of the grassy hills. I'm just an amazingly proud daddy, that's all. I love this little girl!


The Holz Family said...

Ted proposed at Montana de Oro at sunset.
Glad you were able to take another trip.

Wedehase Family said...

Once again, our worlds have just been shown to be smaller than we might have thought. We're continually thankful that you happened to find us. Just today, on our drive home, we were talking about the possibility that our next trip to the coast might be to meet your little miracle man. Eli and Mitchell will build their own club house with a sign outside that says "No left ventricles allowed! This means YOU!"

Bonnie said...

What a precious post, Jason ~ did you ever think you would have someone describe your post as 'precious'?

Paige carries your love for her in her heart, secure in knowing her earthly Daddy is so fond of her. Your example makes the voice of the Heavenly Father all that more clear as He calls Paige to follow Him.

Thanks for being a great husband and daddy!

Crista Carlson said...

Wow.. Jason, you are quite the photographer and what a great subject. You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

She sure is a cutie patootie!

The Glacier Institute (friends of grandpa Tim)

Kristine said...

Amazing photos! of an amazing little girl! so cool that you guys got to take a trip!

Andrew Shinn said...

Beautiful pictures! Not just well-executed, but you have a great little model on your hands. What a magical day!