Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Peace of Prayer

We have our next fetal ultrasound for Eli this coming Thursday the 11th. They will be looking at his heart to see if there are any changes in its development. Please be in prayer with us for the following things:

  • the mitral valve continues to develop and open.
  • the valves and arteries following the left chamber develop completely.
  • that Jason and I can be used for God's glory when talking to any physician, technician, or medical staff.
We will be updating here as soon as we can. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns you all have expressed to us. We have a great peace within us that God is at work. What an amazing God we serve.

To Him be the glory!


Bonnie said...

We love you and are so proud of your testimony in this situation. We will pray for a miracle - that Eli's heart will begin to develop. We promise to love and trust Him even if healing does not come.

Mom said...

Again your encouraging words guide our hearts. Thanks for letting us know exactly what prayers are needed for Eli and YOU...Love you with all my heart...God is working miracles through Eli and you.